Dear diary,

It’s been a devastating, but, yet fruitful journey. Aluta Continua!

Established on the 13th of February, 1995 and the story continues to be written.However in this diary, this is how it starts.

I switched to more than four schools in the infant days of my primary school with no idea as to what this life business was all about. I finally got on the right track when I enrolled into Naledi Primary School, I love to call it ‘the birth place of my dreams.’ It was during my time at Naledi that the thought of me being President first struck my mind.

I remember that rainy morning in January as I watched my parents drive away, and could only seek refuge in my tears.Life had changed! I could feel it, and the unwanted conversations from the other boys in my dormitory were not helping. “Are you a new boy.?” They all took turns to ask.

Surprisingly, a week later my immediate older brother joined me in my new school. Ten years have passed, I still haven’t figured out why he missed me soo much and decided to join me.( I give thanks to God that you came.)

I have to mention, the  classes at Naledi were and perhaps are still interesting. We had a big class room called the learning centre; All the grade 2s till 4 were placed  together. Each one had to monitor their own learning, set their own time table and score their own work.Each pupil had their own little office with two flags. A Christian flag to be raised if you need help from a teacher, and a Zambian flag to be raised if you need to go to the loo. Yes, we all loved the latter.That’s soo much work for a 10 year old trust me,but to be honest this model worked for me. 

Photo: Visitation Sunday, 2008.

I slowly begun to identify my unleashed talents and attributes. I owe thanks to Auntie Imbwae ( my first matron) for helping me achieve this. All she said was, “Dabwitso you should be writing noise makers every time the pupil’s are in one place.” (Meal times and all other gatherings.) That one sentence changed my life. We all need an ‘Auntie Imbwae’ experience. All maybe a ‘Mr Ngulube’ experience, one person who always reminds you of how much potential you have when you face a setback. Perhaps a ‘Miss Nchimunya’ type of love, that one person who scolds you like a baby (iwe ka Dabwitso), praises you when it’s necessary, asks for your advice even when you are younger than them, and always reminds you of the great opportunities the future holds for you.We also need a ‘Mr Ndonji’, an adult friend and mentor who puts you back in your place when he wants to mean business.

Life moved fast and I fell in love with this place. My grades in class were excellent, I started playing football awesomely well, my participation in Church activities was at its prime and I solemnly made a career choice of being a Pastor.

However, I was not in full agreement with how the school was being operated. I never understood why the meals we had were  not ‘good’, why we changed teachers like a baby changes diapers, why we often had to plead to play football and why washroom facilities were not enough to cater for us all. 10 years down the line, I hope all this has changed.

While at Naledi, I learnt a lot of attributes about friendship. I had a friend called Kande Vibetti, my first best friend and female confidant. Our weekly arguments and continuous academic competition in class made this experience awesome. Elijah, Madalitso, Lubilo,Kennedy and Teddy; My ‘ELDAT’ crew. Our endless showers of singing and dancing to fights and gossip taught me a lot. I pray we  live to start ELDAT MEDIA,  and show the world that dreams truly come true if you work on them. Mapalo, Josephat, Gostance, Womba, Muleya, Sanford, Pretty, Trina, Mulemwa, Barbra, Richard,Vusi, Nthaleni and Nyangu, this story would be incomplete without the mention of your names. Alex, Crawford, Kennedy C and Sipho ( hahahaha the big boys) I still wonder why we didn’t take our soccer skills up to national level.Clarence and Stanely need I say more, my faithful partners in crime.

The eve of my birthday in 2010 was heartbreaking. I was  falsely accused of doing something, but my stubborn rude reaction to the accusation got me a suspension from school. The moment was heartbreaking, it also meant that I would be stripped off my privilege of being the School head boy. I could not stand the disappointed look on my mother’s face. I walked to the car with my watery face covered with tears as the whole school looked in awe.

I will live to cherish and be thankful of my time at Naledi. I may not  be at peace with the Administration, due to certain decisions they made which I respect because they are obliged to. However, my dream is to commission the building of the Dabwitso Zumani Phiri Library.I believe it’s the  best way to say thanks to my Alma Mater.

PS: If you are looking for a School that will train the Heart, Hand and Head for your child, Naledi is the place.


9 thoughts on “NALEDI!!!

  1. eish i miss that place,i learnt alot from naledi in a year,i can remember all the bible verses i recited……besr sku ever,yall never go wrong….#suffer now,enjoy later…..


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