You will always be my hero!!!

Mom, I’ve learned so much about life from you…
You’ve helped me feel confident by trusting me,
and shown me how to improve on my many mistakes .
With you at my side, I always felt I could do anything,
which is exactly why you are so very special to me!
With All My Love – Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

Dear diary,

Zikomo Mulungu (Thank you Lord) is all I can say. My Story is different, and this is why:

My mother had to raise 6 other boys before I was born. Which means, I was raised by the most experienced woman for the job.( I still wonder why they hoped I was a girl hahahaha, but that’s a story for another day.) 10th October will always have a place in my heart. It is the day that God brought to the world a woman I never seize to love. I love her so dearly and I pray to God that my first lady will be a replica of her; strong and God fearing adventist lady.

As we celebrate 60 years of your life today, I want to say thank you MOM, for I believe you have raised a strong upright young man. I am sorry for not believing in your decision to take me to boarding at a young age, it is only now that I realise you wanted me to learn how to be independent. I am sorry I never agreed with the decision you made of taking me to Naledi and Rephidim, it is only now that I realise you wanted me to be at a place where they will train my head, heart and hand. Well they did, you were right like always.

Your endless smile and unique sense of humour is a contagious attribute every one who has an encounter with you lives to testify. You are just too funny😂😂😂😂.

I thank you for standing beside me in all the times I let you down. I thank you for being the best cheerleader on the days I brought the trophy home. Thank you for the support you rendered to Tsidekenu Youth Ministry and I. From the times we walked around Katengulwa looking for a place to conduct an outreach, through the days we went to Kamaila (18 miles). Not forgetting the sleepless nights you spent cooking for the orphans we visited each Christmas.Thanks Mom. I love you.

The family is  blessed to have a mother, sister and friend like you, the church is honoured  to have a teacher, preacher and Leader.Society and the Community is  prevalaiged to have you as a counselor, nurse and guardian. You are a hero.

A few years from now, a young man will stand up to take the oath of the highest office. Many young people will watch in admiration and the news tabloids will be all about his name. Social media will be flooded with hashtags of his name.(#DZP2036) They will all ask numerous questions as to how he got there. They will all come up with tales. Finally they will ask  him, and this is all he will have to say;

” I am what I am today, because my MOTHER raised me by  God’s grace.”

#believe !!!!#believe!!!! We shall chant!!!

Thank you mama, you will always be my hero.


2 thoughts on “You will always be my hero!!!

    1. I will engrave these words in a permanent place of my heart. My little boy has become a man and l feel truly blessed. Thankyou Dabz


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